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In this article i will going to explain you how you can connect probably subscription billing with razor pay.

Subscription to collect automatic recurring payments so to get started with this we’ll make sure that we are logged in into our public subscription billing account and integrated razer pay subscription account, through which we want to collect payments so to integrate that account.

You just need to go on settings payment key to integration and then you’ll find the list of all the gateways that are available and you can integrate them.

So right now we’ll just learn about integration with razer pay subscription so we will connect click on connect now button and then we have to get our gateway id gateway secret id this gateway key id secret key is available in your razer pay account, and to get that you’ll just log in which I’ve already logged in this.

Pabbly Subscription Billing Lifetime Deal Plan

Pabbly Subscription Billing Lifetime Deal Plan

Is the dashboard and to get the gateway key id and secret key you’ll go in settings and there you have the option of api keys you’ll click on regenerate or if you’re doing it for the first time.

You’ll have the option to generate the test key and so actually if your account is in live mode you’ll have the actual keys this is the test mode account that is the reason we are getting the test key so you can deactivate the old key.

I have already connected my razor pay account and i’ll show you how it can be done these will uh these are the key id and secret key that you need to insert in probably subscription billing to get your account integrated so i have already integrated uh my account for by following the same process i can show you that and you see that i have connected user page subscription it is in test mode this is the same account.

Setting Up Webhooks in Razorpay Subscription to Connect Pabbly Subscription Billing.

Now we’ll see how we can set up the books to synchronize recurring payments and collecting automatic payments from our customers via raise up a subscription so we have some more information on this in our forum.

I will share the forum link in the description and you can access it so when you are in forum you just need to go on tips and updates and there is a thread of razer pay subscription setup you’ll have to open it and this other these are the webworks web event that you need unity select while adding the web book and we’ll see that how it can be done.


Pabbly Subscription Billing Lifetime Deal Plan

Pabbly Subscription Billing Lifetime Deal Plan

We need to add this in razer by subscription not probably subscription billing so this is the book url that we need to enter in razer pay subscription account so we’ll just copy this and go into our razer pet dashboard and click on the books then we have to add a new webwork.

It can be done from this button as well as by this button so i’ll just add a book and the weber qrl that needs to be entered is the one that you get in the forum so i’ll paste this and then then this field is optional if you want to protect this fabric url by any authentication so you can enter a secret key and then you have the alt alert email so if you want to receive a web failure notification on a particular email you can enter that email or else it will have your registered email address then you need to select the action events and these events are listed in the forum.

So these are the 11 events that you need to select payment field captured charged authenticated cancelled and all the events so we’ll quickly add this i’ll add the payment field uh we can search it and add then we will have to add payment captured and similarly similarly.

All the events so we are done with this we have added 11 events that are listed here and since we are adding web books so whenever you refund in public subscription billing you referring to a customer in public subscription billing it will be automatically recorded in your razer pay account and will be directly refunded to the customer.

You need not to do it separately in raise up account so that is very convenient for for the users and similarly there are other actions like subscription resume pause and now what so this is how you set up the books to synchronize probably subscription billing with razer pay but if you have any difficulties you if you have any questions you can let us know.

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